The Linksys Wireless Access Point with dual band can be used to create a new wireless network, or upgrade your existing one to wireless-N performance. It can also be used as a bridge to join multiple networks together, as a media connector to connect devices such as HD TVs, games consoles and other internet enabled devices to your network, or as a range extender, to expand the range that your wireless network can reach in your home.


  • Upgrade your network to Wireless-N
  • Extend range for enhanced coverage
  • Connect wired devices to your wireless network
  • 4-1 product to customize your wireless expansion

Wireless Convenience

Now you can grow your network by adding computers, printers and other wireless devices, without stringing cables. Reliable connectivity allows you to move your laptops, or set up your devices all around your home or office.

Easy Configuration

Push-button setup helps make it simple to add devices to your new wireless network. With Wi-Fi Protected Setup, you just push a button on the Access Point and on your other device to automatically create the wireless connection. Device and security configuration is a snap with the browser-based configuration utility.

Secure Wireless 

Advanced security features such as WPA2, WEP and Wireless MAC Filtering.

4-in-1 Device

Customize your wireless network expansion with 3 additional modes

  • Bridge: Wirelessly join multiple networks together
  • Media Connector: Connect wired devices to a wireless network
  • Range Extender: Increase existing wireless coverage

High Speed Connection

Connect at speeds up to 300Mbps for Fast transfer rates.

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